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DrivingMonitor - Taking risk management to another level

DrivingMonitor is a web-based fleet risk management tool that uses the latest web technologies to assess drivers’ competency levels, and helps you meet your company’s health and safety duty of care obligations.

This unique suite of tools will give you a valuable insight into the risk levels of your company drivers, and will help you implement a strategy to minimise accidents and reduce insurance premiums.

The ‘Driver-Centric’ approach shown above focuses on 3 main areas:

  1. Evaluate Assessing risk levels of your drivers and identifying training needs
  2. Profile Providing a unique insight into your drivers’ habits and road safety
  3. Monitor Track progress of driver knowledge and monitor your compliance
Driving Monitor case studies
Driving Monitor 2 - Case Studies & Key Benefits (download PDF)


Step1: Evaluate

Step2: Profile

Step3: Monitor

  • TaskMonitorTaskMonitor
    Alerting you to critical information on drivers

  • ComplianceMonitorComplianceMonitor
    Helping you meet your duty-of-care obligation

  • KnowledgeMonitorKnowledgeMonitor
    Powerful reporting with insight & positive results