My great taco trail journey starts from close to a volcanic feature, these days exuding power from ‘Arthur’s Throne’. I stand by gates and walk down the city’s famous ‘mile’, until I reach the street of a former king and then continue down another suitably royal thoroughfare. My taco-stop is beside the cobbles, facing a shop where I could enjoy a wee dram.
Next, I travel south-east on the A86 and onto the A696, until I reach the birthplace of the two English football legends, Gazza and Alan. Once I arrive, I head to an area that sounds very similar to that of a two-wheeled vehicle and it is to here that I come for Mexican food that’s the ‘real’ deal.
Moving on, I head southwards down the A19 to a city known for its white rose, Vikings and the real life ‘Diagon Alley’ from Harry Potter. My taco stop-off is a rather festive eatery lying between the River Ouse and a road named like a place in London known for its beheadings and ravens.
I travel south-east, south-west and then south-east once again, until I reach the M1, which takes me to my next location. It is in this ‘premier’ place, where the most unlikely of sporting dreams came true. You will find my next stop a few hundred yards from the city’s fountain where the name chants, Long Live Burritos, in English translation!
Reaching my next stop sees me head eastwards to a place known for its many Nobel Prize winners, which is home to the nation’s most prestigious university, arguably, if you’re a light blues fan! My delicious tacos are devoured near the numerous university buildings, next to Parkers Piece.
Heading to the next location leads me southwards, towards a city which has become the most popular tourist destination in the world with over 17 million visitors a year! You will find my Mexican eatery in an old brewery, once the city’s largest but now host to numerous businesses.


After a two-hour drive heading south-west along the M3, I arrive at my next location which was the Titanic’s starting destination on its maiden voyage to New York in 1912. I am named after a butterfly and am located not too far away from the River Itchen’s waters.
I voyage north for an hour and am re-routed west for an extra hour along the M4. This was once home to the most famous of bearded pirates ever to sail the high seas, argh! My taco heaven is on the dockside wharf and I gaze over the river towards the large amphitheatre thinking the first part of its name is what I’ve been carrying.
Moving on, I head ‘up north’ for 89 miles until I reach my next stop – a city known for its famous ‘Balti Triangle’ and bragging even more canals than Venice! The Mexican here shows off some of the city’s footballing colours and is not your average canteen in the ‘hood.
Onwards and upwards I travel, along the M6 until I reach a city known for its people, football and music, hence being called the ‘capital of pop’. This restaurant loves to grill and can be found where ‘Napoleon did surrender’, a little south of a town named like Bing.
After an hour’s drive eastwards, I reach another UK culture hub. It is here, where more rock stars are spawned per capita than elsewhere, ravers unite under one roof and where a global football club plays in a ‘theatre’. My tacos are eaten in a ‘back’ street, named like Tina, in the ‘edgy’ quarter.
I’m running an errand to the home of the world’s oldest flying aeroplane and pass a sports venue rhyming with errand. I visit the chaps who insure my trucks, having heard my fleet could have its premiums fixed for two years! They treat me to tacos, given that I’ve dropped by.


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