Gauntlet Moves Up Another Gear With Suite Of Risk Monitoring Tools

Haulage insurance specialist, Gauntlet, has strengthened its positioning as the ‘consultant in the cab’ by introducing another layer of risk management consultancy from which its groupage clients can benefit.


Gauntlet has added further value to its service by offering its haulage clients Gauntlet Driving Monitor. This is a cutting-edge, web-based accident management, compliance and risk management tool that keeps the transport manager in the driving seat when it comes to controlling insurance premiums, minimising claims and fulfilling legal requirements.


This system complements the in-depth advice and risk management consultancy that already sets Gauntlet apart from other insurance providers. Gauntlet’s approach has always been to work with clients to identify aspects of running their businesses that could be improved to make the company a better risk in the eyes of insurers. This has enabled Gauntlet to present a complete picture of the client’s business to the most suitable insurer for that risk, choosing from the very many insurers with which Gauntlet can place business.


Now, Gauntlet is taking this one step further, becoming the virtual consultant in the cab.  It is encouraging its road transport clients to use a system that fosters better understanding of their drivers’ behaviours on the road and their respective weaknesses and training needs, whilst also highlighting possible issues that could arise on the legislative front.


The easy-to-use web-based Gauntlet Driving Monitor system, along with its sister modules, is multi-faceted.  It can help an HGV operator reduce the road accidents occurring within its fleet, whilst also gathering information on any accidents, including location and Third Party information. It then identifies accident trends and the causes of accidents, using its central data to report and inform.  This functionality can protect the haulage operator against legal and false claims.


Crucially, it also generates a driver performance rating, by focusing on the driver’s skills and knowledge with regard to hazard perception, driving theory, driving law and driving attitudes.  Having taken the driver through randomly generated questions, it will instantly provide them with an assessment certificate.  Once training needs have been identified, drivers can then use online training tools to help them improve in their weaker areas.


Driving Monitor is not just about risk reduction.  It also verifies whether a driver has the right to drive, monitoring all drivers’ licences on an ongoing basis and checking these against DVLA records.  It can instantly advise on any issue involving accrued points on a licence, expired licences or disqualification from driving, taking this pressure off the fleet manager and drastically reducing their administrative workload.


Haulage businesses wishing to benefit further can then use the Compliance Monitor module, which helps them comply with the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, in terms of their duty of care when it comes to managing work-related road safety. 


The system can even maintain control over grey fleet vehicles that employees may drive and can alert the haulage fleet manager to priorities such as MOT dates and tax expiry dates, as well as monitoring and reporting on driver mileage and the service histories of vehicles.  It also covers any type of ‘vehicle’, including forklift trucks.


Gauntlet director, Ian McCarron, says: “Gauntlet has become known for its ‘helicopter view’ approach to motor insurance broking - examining all aspects that contribute to the risk presented to an insurer.  We get to know a client’s business inside out, so we can deliver significant savings on their insurance premiums in the long-term.


“Now, with the use of Driver Monitor and its sister analysis tools, we have moved to another level again.  We can precisely analyse risks, whilst also taking the hassle out of licence checks and reducing the possibility of fleet managers unwittingly breaking the law, whether that is motoring law, or health and safety legislation.  All of this is great news for hauliers and the ones who have already used the system have been wowed by its capabilities.”


With this tool at its disposal, Gauntlet is looking to further extend its market share in 2016, recruiting more members to a haulage insurance team that has already grown significantly over the last two years.  Its goal, in terms of the overall sum that it will save clients this year, through the precise and tailored risk management strategies identified by Driving Monitor, has also been upped quite significantly.


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