Gauntlet To Offer New Insurance Option As Unicorn Underwriting Enters Haulage Market

Commercial insurance broker and risk manager, Gauntlet, which counts haulage insurance as one of its specialisms, is now offering its haulage clients access to policies provided by a brand new, hungry and insightful insurance underwriter - Unicorn Underwriting.

Unicorn Underwriting is keen to make its mark and ready to create a stir in the haulage sector, in which its CEO, Darren Nightingale, has extensive experience, as well as general commercial insurance expertise acquired over 30 years in the market. 

As the former MD of the Transport Division at THB, Darren has worked with Gauntlet for many years, providing dynamic insurance solutions for Gauntlet and its clients nationwide, which have helped Gauntlet become a major force in the haulage market, as well as general motor fleets and bus and coach, and the first name on many clients’ lips.


This relationship is set to continue at Unicorn Underwriting, which is focusing on three types of insurance risk – haulage, passenger-carrying vehicles and motor fleets.  Unicorn aims to channel all of its in-depth experience in these sectors into providing a fresh approach to haulage and motor fleet underwriting.  This is an exciting development in a market that has had few underwriting entrants in the last decade to provide the competition that leads to innovation and solutions-driven underwriting.


Unicorn Underwriting’s focus is a perfect match with Gauntlet’s business, whilst its approach reflects the Leeds-based insurance broker’s own attitude to risk management. Gauntlet is renowned for being ‘more than a broker’, thanks to its two decades of expertise in risk management and its belief in working with clients to positively influence their risk and save them substantial sums on their insurance premiums.


Unicorn Underwriting, with its flexible underwriting approach, will particularly target hauliers with claims histories below the industry average, in terms of both size and frequency.  However, it will also focus on large haulage clients where an element of self-insurance is involved in covering the risk, with this being another specialism of Unicorn’s.  Finally, it will also assist poor haulage risks by providing them with strong risk management expertise.


Gauntlet already works with haulage businesses in all three categories and can now offer them Unicorn’s new insurance solution and quotation, to compare with their existing arrangement.


A key consideration for Gauntlet is the claims handling side to any insurance relationship and Unicorn Underwriting is ticking that box by working with Gallagher Bassett as its claims handler.  Gallagher Bassett has many years’ experience in the sector too and understands how critical it is to manage vehicle downtime, whilst keeping a tight control on repair costs.


Gauntlet director, Ian McCarron, says: “Gauntlet is delighted to be able to offer its haulage clients this new insurance option through Unicorn Underwriting, which has become available to us thanks to the great relationship we have had with Darren Nightingale during his years at THB.


“Darren is bringing something innovative and focused to the haulage sector and that has to be extremely beneficial for HGV fleet managers looking for a better deal, or seeking an insurer who will cover them, even if they are a poor risk, because they show a willingness to work with Gauntlet’s risk management experts, to improve their claims experience.”


Darren Nightingale says: “My relationship with Gauntlet has been built on trust over many years. They are a broker that presents an honest and insightful analysis of a risk and which will work with a client on areas of weakness that could culminate in a claim, if not addressed.  Our mutual respect for each other is a huge factor in our continuing to work together now.


“This is an exciting time for Unicorn Underwriting and, by working with a dedicated commercial insurance broker and risk manager like Gauntlet, we are confident of being able to insure a significant proportion of the haulage insurance market within the next few years.”


Hauliers seeking more choice in their insurance options should contact Gauntlet on 0113 244 8686 or  More details about Gauntlet’s haulage insurance can be found at  whilst information about Unicorn Underwriting is at