At times, when transporting goods from A to B, you need to call upon the services of a storage facility – and we understand that. Whilst the goods you are transporting are being held within a hub, or third party depot, however, you are responsible for their protection. This also means that you are liable for any losses suffered, or damage done.

In some scenarios, you might not even have the goods in your custody or control, as they could be in a customs depot, totally out of your jurisdiction.  Although you can do nothing to safeguard them there, you are still responsible for their safe delivery to the end customer. 

Taking all of this into account, you need to buy insurance protection that will not only cover goods in transit, but also insure them when they are being held at storage locations, during their journey from supplier to customer.  Gauntlet’s stock throughput insurance polices provide comprehensive cover across all routes, protecting the entire supply chain.  They all offer high limits and low deductibles. 

Rather than having multiple, smaller transit and cargo policies, Gauntlet tailors one policy to your individual needs, combining all necessary covers into one policy, with one premium to pay, which covers all eventualities.  This saves you time and money, as well as offering you total peace of mind and is an ideal insurance solution for a domestic or global manufacturer, distributor, retailer, importer, exporter, commodity trader, or logistics firm. 

The insurance policies we can provide offer you: 

  • Global coverage
  • No time limitations on length or size of storage
  • Loss of storage cover
  • Large and international cargo protection
  • Global trade disruption cover
  • Easily adjustable policies, which are easy to administer
  • Broad wordings that can be tailored to your individual circumstance 

We can also offer you the expertise of knowledgeable professionals who have earned their stripes in the insurance sector, as well as help from our experienced and specialist risk control team.  This will enable you to mitigate and manage the risks associated with the storage and distribution of goods worldwide, as well as helping you to improve protection and security at warehouses. 

In most case, we can incorporate this cover into a combined or packaged policy with goods in transit and/or engineering inspection insurance.  To enquire about stand-alone, or combined packages, please call us today on 0113 244 8686, or fill in our call back form, to find out more.