Haulage and courier vehicles, given the nature of the business, the size of vehicles and the type of areas in which they operate, are particularly prone to claims arising from scenarios in which members of the public have been injured or suffered a loss, having come into contact with a vehicle.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) covers your haulage, fleet or courier business in cases in which compensation and damages are sought from you.  It includes legal protection, covering the legal fees that would be incurred, if you injure or cause harm to any members of the public, or damage their property, as well as picking up the tab for the cost of restoring the injured party’s health, or replacing or restoring their property.  Should the third party suffer other losses, such as income or quality of life, it will also address these areas, ensuring that all of this compensation does not have to come out of your business’s bank account. 

Employers Liability Insurance (ELI) is protection that an employer needs, to protect them against internal claims, from an employee who suffers an injury, fatality or disease, whilst carrying out their work duties.  Again, the claims culture is worryingly healthy within the world of work and employees may be quick to pursue a claim, however slight an injury may be.  If you have ELI insurance in place, your business will not have to cover the cost of the compensation.  

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