This type of insurance cover is a must for hauliers and couriers who do not wish to suffer losses when they are involved in a no-fault accident. The chance of this happening to those travelling thousands of miles a year is much greater than if they were the average motorist, so legal expenses insurance can be a godsend for those wishing to pursue a claim, if they believe they deserve to be compensated for a loss, or an injury sustained.

The policy will cover all the legal expenses you may incur whilst pursuing your claim and will enable you to recover your policy excess, if you are not the at-fault party.  It also provides cover for aspects such as replacement vehicles – to keep you on the road and working – and the full cost of any repairs to your vehicle.  Should any litigation, such as contract disputes, emerge, the policy can step in and help you resolve the issues.

For a fraction of the cost of hiring a solicitor to represent you in these instances, you can have a policy waiting in the wings that will be your passport to getting you back to the way things were before your non-fault accident occurred.  On that basis, it really does pay to look at legal expenses insurance, if you need to keep on trucking to keep your customers happy. 

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