What is TaskMonitor?

What is TaskMonitor?

TaskMonitor is a web-based alert and monitoring system that oversees all of your driver activity, and keeps you informed of the things you need to know about - when you need to know about them.

Acting as an automated ‘night watchman’, TaskMonitor works away in the background covering all areas of the system, and highlights any key points that need action. You can set preferences as to the type of alerts you receive (i.e. licence points increase or high risk outcome), how far in advance a warning you would like, and ultimately safeguards against neglect by eliminating the need to manually search for data.

Silently monitoring your system giving you peace of mind

  • Allows you to monitor all of your information by deciding what you want to be alerted to and when a task becomes urgent
  • Choose how little/often you want to be alerted by email and SMS
  • Decide who gets the alert: driver, company manager, branch manager, department manager or all relevant managers
  • Managers can be alerted to activities such as drivers with multiple accidents, licences with multiple endorsements or points changes
  • TaskMonitor acts as your night watchman overlooking the entire system and keeping you informed, based on your preferences

TaskMonitor at a glance

TaskMonitor at a glance:

  • Silently monitors your system
  • Flags important tasks based on
  • your individual preferences
  • Email/SMS alerts on urgent items
  • Safeguards against neglect
  • Radically reduces admin work
  • Plugs in to all DrivingMonitor apps
  • Cross-browser support
  • No software installation required

Access the Monitor