Gauntlet Licence Monitor

What is LicenceMonitor?

LicenceMonitor is an online verification system that reports the validity of your drivers' licences and their entitlement to drive on company business.

  All licences are monitored and checked with the DVLA allowing you to report on any potential problems such as points increases, disqualifications and licence expiry dates. LicenceMonitor uses the TaskMonitor alert system to notify you of any pre-defined changes.

Securely check your drivers’ licences with DVLA

  • Monitors your drivers’ licences, endorsements and current points
  • Checks the categories they are entitled to drive
  • Alerts on any relevant licence restrictions, expiry dates or change in licence details
  • Centrally manages data which can be cross referenced with the RiskMonitor, FleetMonitor and AccidentMonitor data
  • Identifies drivers with disqualifications or multiple points and sends alerts via e-mail
  • Validates driving licences with a DVLA check through a data protection mandate that is valid for three years

LicenceMonitor at a glance

LicenceMonitor at a glance:

  • DVLA licence check, valid 3 years
  • Sends alerts via email & SMS
  • Highlights potential risks
  • Handles all types of vehicles
  • Full licence reports for managers
  • Links in with TaskMonitor
  • Cross-browser support
  • No software installation required

LicenceMonitor at a glance

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