What is FleetMonitor?

What is FleetMonitor?

FleetMonitor is a web-based vehicle management system that allows you to keep control over the vehicles your employees are driving. FleetMonitor can also work in tandem with TaskMonitor and alert you to priorities such as MOT dates, Tax expiry dates, driver mileage, service history and insurance details on each vehicle.

FleetMonitor’s powerful reporting engine links with AccidentMonitor and LicenceMonitor, allowing you to spot trends in driver activity in a variety of vehicle types, and completely manage your grey fleet.

Helping you manage your fleet vehicles

  • Monitors the vehicles that your drivers use such as a company vehicle, a hire car, a cash scheme vehicle or a driver’s own vehicle
  • Centrally manages data which can be cross referenced with RiskMonitor, LicenceMonitor and AccidentMonitor data
  • Can cope with any car make & module on the market today, as well as bespoke categories such as LGV, LCV & PCV
  • Identifies vehicle fleet trends to assist in introducing further risk management measures
  • Identifies those vehicles and drivers that are at most risk and sends alerts via e-mail

FleetMonitor at a glance

FleetMonitor at a glance:

  • Simple for drivers to complete
  • Clear reporting system
  • Accident/LicenceMonitor integration
  • Keeps a full vehicle history log
  • Allows ‘grey fleet’ management
  • Cross-browser support
  • No software installation required

Access the Monitor