What is ComplianceMonitor?

What is ComplianceMonitor?

Put simply, ComplianceMonitor helps you to comply with the Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999, in terms of your duty of care for managing work-related road safety.

ComplianceMonitor is a user-friendly way to ensure your business complies with the government legislation using a visual step-by-step approach. The system has been built around the HSE’s ‘Driving at Work’ policy and gives you a traffic light system to view your progress.

Helping you to meet the Health and Safety guidelines

  • Easily view your company’s compliance level in each of the 8 core areas of the Health and Safety Executives guidelines
  • Keep a history of all current and past changes to your policies
  • Assign secure logins to key staff members for audit purposes
  • Access help and advice from the built-in online help centre
  • Use the system to keep your internal documentation up-to-date
  • Set target dates for your company to meet compliance levels, and use TaskMonitor to keep you informed of any pending dates
  • Gain in-depth knowledge into what your company should be doing to comply with new road traffic legislation

ComplianceMonitor at a glance

ComplianceMonitor at a glance:

  • Helps you comply with current
  • HSE & Government guidelines
  • Clear compliance snapshot view
  • Can be completed in stages
  • Shows full audit of all progress
  • Cross-browser support
  • No software installation required

Access the Monitor