What is AccidentMonitor

What is AccidentMonitor?

AccidentMonitor is a web-based accident management system that enables you to keep a central record of all vehicle-related accidents your employees may be involved in. By recording all the essential information in one place you can easily spot trends and react quickly to any insurance claims.

AccidentMonitor can work with LicenceMonitor and FleetMonitor to give you a complete picture of a driver’s profile before the accident happened – and also ensures that your company is protected against any legal claim.

Helping you to reduce driver-related accidents

  • Gathers accident information on the individual driver, any 3rd party involved and the accident location information
  • Centrally manages data that can be cross referenced with the RiskMonitor, LicenceMonitor and FleetMonitor modules to aid any company insurance claims
  • Identifies accident trends and causations to assist in introducing further risk management measures
  • Identifies multiple accident drivers easily and sends email/SMS alerts via TaskMonitor

AccidentMonitor at a glance

AccidentMonitor at a glance:

  • Complete audit of all accidents
  • Reduces staff paperwork
  • Email/SMS alerts on incidents
  • Safeguards against false claims
  • Integrates with LicenceMonitor
  • Cross-browser support
  • No software installation required

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